Gypsy Cafe | community newsletter

For over eight years, Jann has been writing the Gypsy Cafe weekly newsletter.  It all started because of the hunger in the town, a hunger for good food and company.

The Gypsy Cafe has had the good fortune to provide both.  It is a curious and lively crowd that inhabits the cafe day to day.  What began as a newsletter to promote Friday Night Dinners has grown in subscribers and interest.  It still notes the specials and the musician(s) of the week but the owner has gifted the writer a little rope to explore what’s interesting in town and even what ties us together.

It’s a simple format which at times appears random.  With its roots in our local scene, the newsletter explores threads of local art and culture, architecture and social trends.  True to its clubhouse character, Gypsy Cafe News is able to extend its reach into the community.

Gypsy Cafe Newsletter

photo: David Jenkins, El Oso – one of Gypsy’s Friday Night favorite ‘house’ musicians – is more than a gifted flamenco guitarist, he’s a valued negotiator and human rights consultant.