Creative North Group, the collective of independent artists, writers, art directors and communications strategists, is waiting patiently to take your next event or project on its road from concept to completion whether its along a well-worn path or forging a new trail.

A registered unincorporated nonprofit association, CNG is dedicated to assist in producing events that create community.


Project Postponed:   West County/Sebastopol ARTS FESTIVAL di Laguna/

June Festival 2020     Flatbed Live Stream Tour 2020 – a ten-week series through June 5th

June Festival 2022     pushing Flatbed to June 10/11/12, 2022


New Project:  SEED (Sustainable Economic + Environmental Development) for Sebastopol + West County (on hold)

back story:  Sitting on the edge of the Laguna de Santa Rosa, within an hour’s throw of the pulsing San Francisco Bay Area, the old farm town of Sebastopol has not been successfully insulated from empty storefronts which characterize larger cities.  The downturn in tourism – responding to a train wreck of natural disasters – has put the small town on notice.  Now, its business core faces a new challenge – survival.

photos of West Sonoma County  (J. Eyrich)

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